Doepfer Drehbank

64 rotary controls (rotary potentiometers)

each knob can be assigned any MIDI event (e.g. Controller, Pitchbend, Aftertouch, Note on/off and so on) or any MIDI string up to 64 bytes (especially System Exclusive messages)

configuration of Drehbank with free available editor program for PC with many parameter settings (e.g. sampling rate of the controls, data range for each knob and so on), many ready-made libraries available (libraries are permanently extended), e.g. XG, GM and so on. System requirements: PC with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, NT and MIDI interface (resp. sound card with integrated MIDI interface)

2 user defined setups (“banks”) available within the device

additionally 8 fixed factory setups: 2 x Rebirth, 2 x Rmx1, 1 x controllers 1-64 (MIDI channel 1), 1 x controllers 65-128 (MIDI channel 1), 1 x selected Controllers (MIDI channel 1), 1x GM mixer (MIDI channel 1-16)

Snapshot function (= send off all 64 control positions)

8 CV inputs for external control voltages 0…+5V (e.g. from A-100 modules) or foot controller, normalized 1/4″ jack sockets at the rear panel, each external input in use switches off one of the 8 rotary controls at the right side of the front panel (i.e. the controls no. 15, 16, 31, 32, 47, 48, 63, 64), ext. inputs 1…4 are prepared for ext. CV 0…5V, ext. inputs 5…8 are prepared for foot controllers


MIDI In with merging feature, i.e. incoming MIDI events are merged with the MIDI data generated by Drehbank. Of course the sum of incoming MIDI data and the MIDI date generated by Drehbank cannot exceed the maximum data rate prescribed by the MIDI interface data rate. Otherwise data loss may occur. There has to be sufficient room/space in the incoming MIDI data stream so that the data generated by the Drehbank can be added. We recommend to use only MIDI In data with a small degree of utilization.

19″ support for rack mounting and 1 HU 19″ blind panel (same varnish as DREHBANK), if mounted into a 19″ rack about 1HU space is required above the DREHBANK because of the connections (MIDI, ext. CV, power supply), total height about 4U

external AC adapter for power supply (AC adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is included, adapters for other voltages or other mains connector types has to be purchased by the customer in his country, 7…12V/250mA DC required)