Because the Faderfox controllers are made in Germany, the combined strength of the Euro against the declining value of the American Dollar [thank-you President Bush, another gold star on your already stellar resume] added to the cost of international shipping means they are not as cheap as some of the others we sell. They are, however, of a much higher build quality and feature some really well thought out features [particularly if your weapon of choice is Ableton Live or Traktor DJ Studio] which, we feel, make them worth the money. To date we have not had a faderfox controller returned for not working or breaking down. We cannot say that about many of the other mass-produced MIDI controllers we currently stock.

Faderfox micromodul LV2
Faderfox micromodul DJ2
Faderfox micromudul DX2
Faderfox micromodul LX2
Faderfox micromodul LC2
Faderfox micromodul LD2