Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder

Smallest PMD yet-fits in your hand
Records uncompressed 16-bit PCM .wav files at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
Records mono .mp3 files at 64 kbps
Records stereo .mp3 files at 128 kbps
Uses inexpensive, widely available Compact Flash media (CF)
1 GB CF card can hold over 1 hour of uncompressed stereo
1 GB CF card can hold over 17 hours (stereo) or 36 hours (mono) .mp3
Operates for four hours on four AA batteries
Two XLR mic connections with +48v phantom power
Two built-in condenser mics for easy, true stereo recordings
Stereo line I/O
Solid State Design
No moving parts-no maintenance
“Copy Segment” cut-and-paste editing to a new sound file
99 “Virtual Tracks” for immediate playback access of important audio segments
Built-in USB port for easy file transfer
Optional wired remote control with peak indicator

For years, people have relied on the superior construction and superb audio quality of Marantz Professional and Denon Professional source products. Our components can be found in almost every application imaginable that constantly demands reliable audio and video playback.

Why should recording and data acquisition be any different?

As long as Marantz Professional and Denon Professional have been manufacturing superior source products, we’ve also been on the leading edge in the development of recording and data acquisition devices.  And as technology moves forward, away from traditional media forms such as the cassette tape, Marantz and Denon will lead that charge as well.   Please explore our growing line-up of digital recorders and learn how these new and exciting technologies can help make your job – and more importantly your life – a whole lot easier.