Technosaurus Micron II

Main Features: VCO with square or sawtooth wave, LFO with square or triangle wave, SUB-Oscillator, AD or ADR-Envelope Generator with manual trig button, 12 or 24 dB/Octave VCF with Resonance, VCA with AD or GATE control, adjustable GLIDE. CV/GATE inputs (Roland style). 12 V DC power required. Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 5 cm (l x d x h)

– Filter input to process external signal sources – CV/Gate outputs to slave a MICROCON or any other CV/Gate instrument – 1 additional filter CV output – Internal VCO can be muted – Very compact VHS video-tape size : Looks small and sounds BIG!

MIDI controlled parameters:

– Note number (C0….C7) – Note ON / OFF, last priority – MIDI channel selector (1…16) – Accent ON / OFF depending on velocity – Pitchbending via modulation wheel – Filter cutoff frequency (internal VCF and external filter CV output) – Glide ON / OFF – All notes OFF when pressing more than 10 notes at the same time