Vermona DRM1 Analogue Drum Synth

Structure Would you like to create your own unique analog drum sounds instead of using boring, static samples? If so, you should take a serious look at our DRM1 MKII, it’s the perfect drum and percussion module for the job.

The DRM1 MKII is an eight-channel, completely analog drum synthesizer. It gives you total control over every parameter through its 72 (!) controls.

There are eight channels, each featuring specific parameters for generating a certain kind of drum and/or percussive sound. They are divided into:

* three DRUM channels * one MULTI channel * one SNARE channel * two HI HAT / CYMBAL channels * one CLAP channel

In addition to the main stereo output, every channel is also equipped with an individual output/insert jack, which allows you to insert external effects such as the VERMONA DAF-1 filter or PH-16 phaser.

The DRM1 MKII can be triggered via MIDI – MIDI channel and note number can be freely assigned. Control Features Each channel has its own output/insert jack on the front panel. The rear panel features the master output (L/R), as well as the MIDI IN and THRU jacks. As an option, a group of 10 standard trigger inputs is available that allows use of the DRM1 MKII with analog step sequencers or trigger pads. The DRM1 MKII has an integrated power supply.

The design and construction of the chassis makes it possible to use the DRM1 MKII either in a 19″ rack (5U) or as a tabletop unit with the front panel tilted on a convenient angle.